Experts at printing custom signage, meeting specifications, knowledge of required materials and graphic design techniques.

Capital Lines and Signs are a preferred government provider of customised road signage, traffic related products and pavement marking solutions. We have over 30 years of experience delivering industry leading quality outcomes to a comprehensive range of loyal customers. This includes but not restricted to, governments, local and state, leading civil and commercial businesses, hospitals, schools, airports, and carparks, private and public. Some of our products include the manufacture of made to order stencils, signs, and stickers, using the latest technology available. We utilise current sign manufacturing techniques with a wealth of knowledge and proven experience in inks and print materials. This gives our clients and our installation teams the edge with the fastest turnaround time to meet tight deadlines and produce quality works.

Services offered by our company’s signage experts include the manufacture, supply, and installation of signs for many applications, including signs in and for roads, parking, transport, recreational, corporate display areas, hospitals, workshops, and offices. We also supply or install larger roadside guide sign. Installations including frangible post systems and guide sign structure installations.

Our team will partner with you to tailor the right signage, with the right eye-catching creativity, in the right location for your needs.

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