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Welcome to Capital Lines & Signs Pty Ltd (‘Capital Lines & Signs’). We consider the employment of every individual to be an important factor in building the capacity of our organisation. We also believe each and every employee of Capital Lines & Signs carries a responsibility for the reputation and success of this organisation.

We hope that as an employee of Capital Lines & Signs you will become an enthusiastic and valuable member of our team. At Capital Lines & Signs we aim to be committed to safety, quality & ethical behaviour. This commitment will be possible because all employees regardless of their position in the company will follow the highest standards of ethical conduct.

Training with Capital Lines & Signs

Employee Training and Development is highly regarded within Capital Lines & Signs. Our training program was built from ground up through a lengthy processes, fortunate to have industry qualified staff, the latest technologies and relevant equipment on hand, with qualified industry partners onboard who share our passion for industry and vision.

Capital Lines & Signs view employees as the bloodline of our company, investing and recognising the importance in up skilling and maintaining employee qualification levels, our value in participants essential for the growth and ensuring satisfaction for all involved.

Employment at Capital Lines & Signs

We are always looking for skilled professionals to join our expert team of line marking and sign manufacturing specialists! Feel free to get in touch and send us your resume and a cover letter or check out vacant positions below.

Vacant Positions:

  • Jobs available at this time are Factory Hand/Labouring positions (posted 24 March 2021)

Employment Form

Residency Are you an Australian Citizen?

If no, are you an Eligible Permanent Resident?

If no do you hold a Temporary Work Visa?

Transport: Do you possess a current Drivers Licence?

If yes Type of Licence held: Class C Manual/Auto or MR or HR Licence?

Have you ever lost or had your drivers license suspended or cancelled?

Mandatory compulsory industry cards

A. White Card

B. Asbestos Card

C. Workers on foot

If No to C. then go to this link to complete the online course

Additional Cards

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Name and contact details of three professional referees (Not required if emailing hr@linesign.com.au your resume)

Qualifications/Skill levels (Not required if emailing hr@linesign.com.au your resume)

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Request a quote

Full Name of person requesting Quote . Email Address . Mobile Number to discuss the quote . Company/Business Name if applicable .
Preferred start date / your tentative expectational date of when you’d like works to commence onsite Will there be someone onsite as a contact person or representative what will the onsite mobile contact number be .

*Please let us know of your expectational dates however our quotes are estimates only. The tentative date will be scheduled & coordinated with relevant stakeholders if the quote is accepted. The actual delivery date of projects will be negotiated and dependant on external factors including stakeholder approval, weather conditions, etc.