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Custom Made Sign Request Information

Please help us help you simplify & meet your requirements by providing & referring to the following information

CUSTOM MADE SIGNS – New Permanent Custom made Signage, Sign to be refurbished or Temporary Signage

SIZE OF THE SIGN - Measure across top of the sign first = e.g. 600mm X then down side size 300mm

Note; if more wording needs adding like sample below

Write as > 600 mm x width adjustment to fit in additional words ‘Plant Room’ above the word Cleaner as shown in photo, advise if wording is indented, moulded into the sign or letters are flat stickers

FONT – Calibri / Arial / Same as Photo – size of font to be ….mm or happy with the same Font colour to be changed?

Does it need to match other signs in this area?

SIGN MATERIAL –Is the sign made out of Aluminium, Plastic, other - e.g. Metal engraved or raised in brail
BACKGROUND MATERIAL – Aluminium Ribbing / Corflute / Stickers / Box edge stands (temporary signage)
– What surface is this sign being fixed to – Post, Gyprock Wall, Glass, Wooden door, Brick or Fence   

Gyprock Wall -  Permanent Adhesive
Glass – Permanent Adhesive
Wooden Surface – Permanent Adhesive
Brick Wall – Ribbing Extrusion – Various Types standard will be used unless specified
Fence  - e.g. all four corners or top two corners of Sign
Box edge – used for temporary signage
Sign Stands or Sign Boards – Various Types

CORNERS SIGN RADIUS OR EDGING OF MATERIAL – Measure Radius, specify if edges have been shaped / flat squared off or rounded
Colour, Reflective, Non Reflective, Digital Print -Does the sign or its wording require reflective material or brail to be seen in dark or smoke conditions for safety reasons
BACKGROUND & FONT COLOUR –Photos might not show exact colour  – e.g. flat/mat (not shiny) silver backing with Black Font, the sign is made from plastic material not the same as metal material could mean the silver isn’t the same
FIXING MATERIALPost - brackets are required - e.g. Sign is going on existing Post YES NO

INSTALLATIONS – For installation of post for signage there will be addition information required & tasks involved e.g. Post installs require DBYD – Dial Before You Dig, Hole point release to be organised prior to post installation. Post height at Standards if not specified, state height required
SOIL CONDITIONS – Poor, Good, Rock or Concrete – Hydro Vac, Kanga digger or concrete cutter required
HAZARDS – Confined spaces, High traffic areas - Barriers or temporary Signs required

PROJECT TIMING - Customers tentative date - expectations of project start or completion date to meet your expectations of when you would like works to be performed or completed no later than your given tentative date
- Quotations without tentative dates are not visual in our pipeline que, this means these quotes only become visual to our works coordinator once accepted, placed end of que.
A visual pipeline of possible upcoming works, the coordinator has a greater ability to communicate with you, assist you in ensuring availability in times of heavy work flow, due to weather conditions or site projects on hold.
 – The Works Coordinator will call you to organise a BOOKING DATE prior to field crew arriving on site.
- to assists our works coordinator in managing & meeting your expectations or deadlines please provide as much detail as possible including site updates e.g. site not clear or clean require more time to prepare area surface – need more time to organise someone to be available on site to meet with field crew.
VARIATIONS –Please refer to our terms & conditions for project variations, site attendance,  www.linesign.com.au

ARTWORK – Is artwork required – refer to attachment (3) Note; if images require enlarging 
– Pre-Manufacturing Approval required    YES   NO
– Representatives contact details required for Artwork signoff / approval  

Please return completed second & third attached pages to admin@linesign.com.au 

Request a quote

Full Name of person requesting Quote . Email Address . Mobile Number to discuss the quote . Company/Business Name if applicable .
Preferred start date / your tentative expectational date of when you’d like works to commence onsite Will there be someone onsite as a contact person or representative what will the onsite mobile contact number be .

*Please let us know of your expectational dates however our quotes are estimates only. The tentative date will be scheduled & coordinated with relevant stakeholders if the quote is accepted. The actual delivery date of projects will be negotiated and dependant on external factors including stakeholder approval, weather conditions, etc.